(Tiếng Việt) Bí Quyết Chăm Sóc Da Ban Đêm Của Người Hàn Quốc Dành Cho Nam

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Soft, non-sticky, lightweight liquid gel, highly moisturizing. The gel is especially suitable for women with oily or combination oily skin.

1. High moisture

Most of the gel cosmetic products are based on water, so when applied to the skin they will feel cool, immediately increase moisture to the skin. When the skin is fully moistened, it becomes more luscious, moisturized and hydrated, giving it a smooth, smooth appearance.

2. Do not sticky

The gel is especially suitable for women with oily skin or oily complexion, due to the light liquid texture. Melts quickly when applied to skin, does not clog pores or clog pores.

Skin is cool and comfortable, gel cosmetics is what you need in this summer – Picture 2.

3. Bring cool feeling, relax

If in the winter you usually finish the skincare cycle with a few drops of conditioning oil to “lock the moisture”, the nutrients are evaporated; In the summer, lightweight conditioning gel is enough to replace the conditioner. In addition to high moisturizing, moisturizing gel quickly absorbed, feeling cool when applied. Plus, you can put the gel in the fridge, giving you a refreshing sensation every time you use it.

4. Quick penetration

Stronger than lotion, serum; It is slightly lighter than balm, which is why moisturizing gel is the right product to finish the skin cycle. It just helps to lock the moisture, prevent nutrients from evaporating, but quickly absorbed not sticky, heavy or unpleasant feeling like oil nourishment.